Great examples of games.

Improvised Comedy Theatre Nottingham

In the words of MissImp performer Trilochon Chatterjee:

Workshops of the gods

A couple of weekends ago, I joined a bunch of MissImpers at a workshop by Brandon Gardner of New York’s Upright Citizens’ Brigade theatre. The most intriguing part of this for me was his introduction to the idea of ‘game’ in improv comedy.

It gave me a lot to think about – and being me I like that – but ultimately what I got out of the workshop was something I needed: a greater sense of purpose in scenes.

Whether at jams or on stage, you can often be left in the no man’s land of ‘where are we actually going with this?’ Some strong character choices have been made, and interesting details have emerged about them. But then, within a few lines, you and/or your partner have lost sight of your shared purpose. To avoid grinding to…

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